Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can't stop thinking EAGLES!

Last year I started watching the Decorah Eagles. Even if I wasn't watching it, I sure liked the sounds of the birds and wind. My children like it, but I don't think they understand where I'm coming from. When I was their age we never saw an eagle. They were very hard to find, and only hung out in certain areas. Now with their population growing they seem to be everywhere. We drive 20 minutes to school everyday. One road we take is 2 miles along the Cedar River. We started seeing more and more eagles. One day we counted 12. That is the most we've seen so far. Sometimes they are in trees just above the car and if no one is behind us we stop and peak out the sunroof. They will look down at us, and it gets a little intimidating. My daughter said she wanted one for a pet. I told her how big they are. So when we got home we made a life size picture of a female eagle. She changed her mind quickly when she saw it was the size of her brother. So now everyday to school and back we keep a journal in the car and keep track of how many eagles we see each day. It's a simple activity but gives them something to do on our long car ride everyday.

Here is the link to the Decorah Eagles if you want to join in our obsession!

Our life size eagle!

Eagles that sit above our road every morning. So I opened the sunroof and took a picture. Pretty cool looking that close into their eyes.

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